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dataSmarts is a platform for sharing ideas on data, technology and products in hopes of helping you better understand how to leverage them to do, whatever it is you are trying to do. 

dataSmarts specializes in humanizing data, technology and products to help consumers and entrepreneurs better understand how these key areas can be leveraged to improve their business and overall quality of life. What does that actually mean? If you run a business your business and its customers are generating data. That data, if analyzed correctly can help you get better at servicing your customers and finding new ones and holding onto the ones you already have. In addition to that, technology can be your greatest asset in business or undermine your ability to meet your customers where they are in this changing world. How might you better use technology and data to improve your business and reach more customers today? 
The videos, podcast, blog posts and how-to documents found on this site are designed to help you better understand these otherwise intimidating areas and start to think differently about data and technology. Get over to the Blog to begin.


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