The Art of Making

There is nothing more fulfilling than making something. Now, with the availability and democratization of data and technology you have more options than ever before. What should you build? How might you build it? Product development is the act of building; taking an idea and turning it into something. From ideation to production, it is an art form that humanizes data and technology to serve a purpose; to be helpful. dataSmarts is a platform for sharing ideas on data, technology and products in hopes of helping you understand how to leverage them to help you do whatever it is you are trying to do. 

dataSmarts specializes in humanizing data, technology and products to help consumers and entrepreneurs better understand how these key areas can be leveraged to improve their quality of life. We will also explore how these items are used currently in the world and my thoughts on their impact on our lives.  We will discuss everything from current products, analytical approaches and new product idea write ups. Now just so we are clear, don't take anything you find here too literal, life is too short for that. These are simply my view points, my ideas and my approach to these areas. There are many others out there that you should consider.  
The videos, podcast, blog posts and how-to documents found on this site are designed to help you better understand these otherwise intimidating areas and start to think more like a maker and less like a user. Get over to the Blog to begin.


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