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Geospatial Analytics is a must for any retailer.
dataSmarts specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses find the value in data and analytics. Our team has worked in government, retail, digital media and consulting and has the experience and know-how to help you turn data into information. 
Whether you are just getting started or working on advanced analytics we are ready to provide guidance to help you in your pursuit of
turning data into information.



Whether it is in Excel spreadsheets or a SQL Server database, your data is your most valuable asset. Let us help you get organized and build a plan for storing and accessing your data.


Trying to decide what data visualization tool to use? Wondering about the benefits of using AWS? Interested in open-source? What ETL tool? We can help.


The industry is constantly evolving and staying up to date with the latest tools and approaches is very difficult. That is why we invest heavily in producing free educational content. 


We can help with short term special projects or entire custom application builds. Let our team of Agile developers help you build the software or integrations you need. 



We would love to chat with you about your company and learn more about how data and analytics might help your business.

Thanks! Message sent.

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